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The Jeziorowski Brothers Primary School nr 1 in Płock

About our school

Our school is committed to providing a positive learning environment for children, by giving them a well rounded education. We educate our students in a safe, secure, disciplined environment. The motto of our school is ?Not for school do we learn but for life? (Seneca). We inspire children to learn for life, to discover and develop their interests and talents.

We are proud of the fact that our school is the oldest one in Płock. It has a current enrolment of 313 pupils aged 7-13. It is situated in the very center of our beautiful town.

The school staff consists of 37 teachers and 15 service and administration workers. All the teachers are experts in specialist subjects and are dedicated to creating educational opportunities for their students. Through a rich curricular and extracurricular programme we help each child discover and develop their talents and interests.

We are an open, welcoming and responsive school with clear values.

Our values

- We know and value each child and look for the best in them, for us growth of the student is central.

- We want our school to be a place where children enjoy learning, work hard and achieve their best.

- We concentrate on our students? achievements, leading them to success step by step, celebrating every effort and opening their eyes to greater possibilities.

- We respect every single child and member of school community.

- We aim to work with parents as equal partners in their children?s learning.

- We are working towards development of each child, making learning vivid and real, here every child feels he does matter.

Some facts from our history

  The first reference to our school goes back to the year 1917, when a Six-grade School for Men was established in Płock.

   On September 1st , 1919 the school was renamed into a Seven-grade Primary Town School nr 1. On November 15th , 1937 it finally became State Primary School nr 1. As soon as Płock was liberated in 1945, the school restarted its activity.

Important events

September 1st, 1968- the school moved into a new building at 9 Królewiecka St.

June 8th, 1968- it was named after Vuk Karadzić (a famous Serbian linguist and historian).

2002-2003- a jubilee year- 35th Anniversary of our School.

September 23rd, 2005- the school playground and gym have undergone renovation.

November 2005- our school was named after the Jeziorowski brothers.

Our school patrons

  The Jeziorowski brothers ( Józef, Tadeusz, Stanisław, Kazimierz Lech, Zbigniew Antoni) are heroic personalities of the war in 1920 as well as of the World War II. These brave citizens of Płock were faithful to the patriotic traditions of their beloved Motherland and family. The true heroism of all the brothers is worth admiring.

Our school base

Our school assures excellent social and didactic basis. We have got highly qualified staff who thoroughly concentrate on lesson planning and evaluating their pupils? learning.

Our school facilities:

- cosy classrooms and small class sizes allowing for plenty of individual attention

- professional playgrounds with plenty of apparatus to play on, school and fitness gyms for both students and staff

- a computer room with multimedia facilities

- a library full of exciting old and new books and controlled access to the Internet to help pupils studies

- a common room equipped with a new TV set and DVD, board games, books and toys

- our school canteen offers healthy home cooked food.

Extracurricular activities

Our students can dive into activities with clubs and sports. Among them one can find:

- school choir and ?Camerton group?, where you can learn to play various instruments

- dance club ?Red Roses?

- art and craft club

- Polish language club

- English language club

- European Union club

- History & journalism club

- Nature & Ecology club

- Reading club

- Team sports ( handball, basketball, volleyball, etc.)

  We do our utmost to make it easy for children to approach teachers with their problems or concerns. For dyslexic children and those with special educational needs, we offer extra-curriculum compensatory classes, educational therapy, speech therapy classes and corrective exercises.

  Our school has a cooperative attitude to learning. We believe in letting parents know what and how we are learning. We encourage two-way dialogue between school and home and support this through Parents Evenings, workshop meetings, preventive projects.

Outside school

  We enjoy strong links with local schools and other institutions. Our pupils take part in many local projects. We also enjoy going on school trips, ?green schools?, bike expeditions and explorations.

  People in the community, including local firefighters, police officers often visit us and tell us what they do. We also visit many important people outside and take part in community activities.


  Year by year our pupils achieve excellent results in various competitions. To prove this come and see many cups and diplomas displayed in the School Gallery.

*opracowała mgr Natalia Kotecka

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